Harness the Love

Harness the Love

Quick & Dirty No-Pull Walkies


The first thing I suggest to clients that are having a hard time walking their dog because they are pulling so much is to change the equipment. We want to be mindful about the equipment we choose to use with our dogs to ensure that no pain is used…. after all, it’s not necessary!

Front clip no-pull harnesses come in a variety of sizes and styles so it’s best to try a few to ensure a comfortable fit.  The reason front clip harnesses work so well is that they redirect the dog sideways when they pull; not the direction they would like. At first it seems a tad awkward, and it is! But eventually the dog gets the drift and things go smoothly with much less pulling.

Training Still Matters

While changing equipment helps it isn’t the WHOLE picture. Rewarding your dog with snacks when he is walking nicely and not pulling is going to let him know that we want more of that good stuff AND he will often give you check ins (looking at you) in case a snack may be about to come. Reward those! This means less pulling!

My standard go-to for walks with my dogs is a front clip harness and my treat pouch (oh, and don’t forget poop bags!). I’ve got it ready to go for all walks and it makes it much more enjoyable. I don’t spend my whole walk getting frustrated, I train!

“He Still Pulls!”

It may be time to bring in a professional so that you can get the coaching you need to fast-track leash walks. A few tweaks and demos of how to do things right often helps.  And remember… it takes time! It’s not an overnight process and often times after a week or two it may seem like it’s taking forever but if you throw in the towel and change things your dog will only become confused. Dogs do what works and if pulling worked for the first year or more it’s going to take time and patience to teach him a more rewarding behaviour.

Harness the Love

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