Dog reactivity is a challenging and frustrating issue.

We can help.

If you are facing severe behaviour concerns with your canine companion a behaviour consultation and follow up session can address these challenges and give you the tools for lasting change.

Some of the behaviours we address:

  • aggression
  • fear
  • resource guarding
  • dog-dog reactivity
  • newly adopted from a different country
  • biting

Initial session and follow up is $245 plus gst.

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If you live on the North Shore and some areas of Vancouver we can come to you, otherwise consultations take place at our training space located in North Vancouver.

Process: Initially we will discuss the problem behaviours, prevention and management, priorities and the training approach. I will coach you to train your dog to start seeing change. All methods are evidence-based and do not use any harsh physical punishment or collars/devices. We do not recommend shock collars, e-collars, prong collars as many studies link increased aggression with using punishment/aversive approaches.

Position Statement on Animal Training