Consultations/Private Training

If you are struggling with behaviour issues or challenges such as the following, a consultation or private training is often a great place to start.

  • dog-dog aggression
  • human aggression
  • resource guarding
  • poor manners
  • new adoption
  • first time dog owner
  • fearfulness/shyness
  • …. something unique? Let us know if we can help…

Our consultation sessions will focus on your challenges, goals and training techniques for you to make change. The session is followed up with a formal behaviour assessment – a description of all training, training plans and any applicable handouts you may need to refer to. I also include support post-session via email to clarify and make small changes if necessary to the behaviour program. *One follow up is mandatory to ensure training techniques are being carried out optimally and will be billed and scheduled at your initial consultation.

    • Initial Consultation Session and follow up: $245 + gst
    • You must fill out the history form at time of booking

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Private Training

One-on-one private training sessions enable us to really focus on specific training issues and to hone your training skills to ensure long-lasting change. Pricing and packages available can be viewed here.


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