The dog training industry is unregulated. This means that anyone can set up a website and set up shop without any education. It is very important to us at Bravo Dog that we update our education throughout the year, EVERY year. We feel you and your dogs deserve the most current and accurate dog training advice available, and we will provide that.


Renée Erdman

Renée prides herself in coaching humans and their dogs to achieve success in overcoming training challenges and behaviour issues. Her effective training programs, group classes and one-on-one coaching sessions provide accessible training to suit your schedule. Renée is recommended by veterinarians and spends a great deal of time volunteering her time at the West Vancouver SPCA, Squamish AC and Whistler WAG.

Ashley Clark, trainer, puppy specialist

Ashley has been obsessed with dogs since childhood after falling head over tail for her first dog, Boogie.  In 2010 she completed a three-year apprenticeship to become a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor with BC & Alberta Guide Dog Services.  The experience of training and placing guide dogs and autism support dogs with people in the community was infinitely rewarding. Continually seeking a deeper understanding of why dogs do what they do, Ashley is committed to positive training methods and strives to help others connect with their dogs on a deeper level through kind and compassionate coaching.  When she’s not working with people and their dogs, she’s at home getting in as many cuddles as possible from her two senior dachshunds.

Julia Lomb, DVM (Germany), trainer

Julia’s journey of professionally working with animals began when she graduated from vet school in Munich, Germany in 2008. She then worked as a vet with the majority of her patients being dairy cows. In 2013, Julia moved to Vancouver and joined UBC’s animal welfare program as graduate student, and is now in the final stages of her PhD.

As a child, Julia did not have her own dog which resulted in her walking and being friends with every dog in the neighborhood. She still remembers when as a 10 year old she learned how to teach dogs to sit on cue with treats instead of force. Ever since, she has expanded her knowledge on reward-based training methods. In 2017 she completed Dr. Susan Friedman’s ‘Living and Learning with Animals’ course who allowed her to gain insight on how to work humanely with animals that behave in a difficult way. Julia is passionate about teaching trick behaviors to her dog Blue, as she feels that it built a special bond between the two of them and helped Blue walking through life more confidently.

  • DVM, Germany
  • PhD Candidate, UBC Animal Welfare
  • Pet First Aid certified (Walks’n’Wags) 2018
  • LLA Dr. Susan Friedman (2017)