For the Pet Industry

Consulting for the Pet Industry

Tailored to Your Needs


If you have a business or work in a sector that focuses on pets and you’d like your team to benefit from the most up-to-date canine behaviour education then consider our consulting services. We work with:

  • Bylaw Departments
  • Dog Daycares
  • Groomers
  • Dog Walking Companies
  • Shelters & Shelter Staff & Volunteers
  • Rescue Groups & Volunteers

How We Can Help

Working with animals isn’t always an easy task but it can be made easier by understanding their behaviour. The more education and understanding one has when working with animals, the easier and more effective your work can be.

Video, Power Point Presentations and one-on-one staff training on a variety of topics such as:

  • Canine Body Language
  • Fearful & Aggressive Dogs
  • Grooming & Handling
  • Techniques to Avoid When Working With Dogs
  • The Behaviour Change Process
  • How to Make Working With Dogs Easier
  • Custom Topics


“Renée provided an informative presentation debunking common myths and educating our team on dog behaviour.  She provided a great platform for discussion and sharing knowledge that engaged our team.  Now that our staff know more about why dogs behave the way they do staff are more confident in their jobs. I highly recommend Renée and her skills in coaching humans.“
Lindsay DeBou
Bylaw Services, Resort Municipality of Whistler

WAG+logo-300x212“The Whistler animal shelter (WAG) was honored to have Renee Erdman of Bravo Dogs Training and Behavior Consulting come and present to our staff about the basics of K9 behavior and force free training. Thanks to Renee’s easy to understand style and approachability, our staff was able to learn a ton and ask all our questions! This knowledge will be a huge asset for shelters everywhere, when working with their dogs and training the humans!”

nsdw-banner-new“Renée’s input has become a vital piece of ongoing training and education for all our staff. Thanks to her guidance and support we are able to get a deeper understanding of dog behaviour and how we can help our dogs have the best experience while on trail. We have had positive success stories managing challenging pups who are now our best behaved clients.”
Amber Lim
OWNER, North Shore Dog Walkers & Sweet Paws Dog Walking