Well Mannered Program

Combine a full set of our Mind Your Manners classes with 2 private training sessions. dog-leash-240kgs31411The best of both worlds; private and group training. Dogs must be 6 months or older.

We can cover:

  • jumping up
  • focus on handler
  • distracting environments
  • barking/extreme vocalization
  • recall/come when called
  • sit, down, stay, polite leash walking


  • 2 60-minute private training sessions at Bravo Dog HQ
  • 1 full set of Mind Your Manners check for start date availability

$350 + GST


Training Tip:

Did you know that by paying our dogs for the good things they do with the currency that motivates them (not us!) is the fastest way to good behaviour that is long term? Don’t be afraid of using food liberally to let your dog know when they are behaving the way you would like. Examples are:

  • sitting beside you quietly in distracting environments
  • NOT barking or whining when surely they could be when you are not paying attention to them
  • NOT jumping up on family and friends to say hello
  • greeting another dog politely
  • going to their bed on their own without being asked

There are too many to list! Capture those moments and pay your dog well…