Reactive Dog Program

Experiencing Reactivity Issues?

Our Reactive Dog Program offers 4 x 60 minute private sessions in which we will assess your dog, the behaviour problems you are having and start you on the path of effective change.

We can help with:

  • leash reactivity
  • fear/timidness
  • body handling/grooming issues
  • aggression towards humans
  • aggression towards dogs

Note: if you are experiencing sudden onset reactivity/aggression that you have never seen before please schedule a visit with your vet to clear medical issues.

*If you decide to register please note depending on schedules we may not be able to start for a few weeks

Please choose a trainer wisely. Any use of shock/prong/ecollars/choke chains or punishing methods will increase aggression and is not deemed humane. Please see the American Veterinary Society of Applied Behaviour's statement here.

Lasting, effective behaviour change takes time, consistency and a patient handler/guardian. There are no quick fixes.

$550 plus gst
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*** We recommend once you purchase the package to book all four sessions at least two weeks apart