Reactive Dog Program

Reactive Dog Program

Living with and caring for a reactive dog can be a challenge. I always tell my clients that when they get a dog there isn’t a handbook telling them what they should and shouldn’t do especially if they have a reactive dog. Let me give you and your dog the tools to live together better. We can always improve behaviour. There is no quick fix; lasting behaviour change in anaimals takes time, patience and above all, kindness.

  • Barking, growling, lunging at other dogs
  • Bites to other dogs/people
  • Reactive towards people
  • Guarding behaviour
  • Anxiety and fear


  • Five 60-minute private coaching/training sessions PLUS email and phone support for up to 6 months*

signup$560 + GST


*If support via email or phone is deemed too complex or in-depth to resolve your challenges you will be encouraged to schedule a follow up session to ensure translation of training is effective.

Please read our Policies section before registering for any of our programs. Refunds are not available post-payment

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