Kami F – Bravo dog training was recommended to us by numerous friends after my poor dog Juno was brutally attacked on the trails in Lynn Canyon. The incident has left us all feeling very shaky and fearful around dogs we do not know. We left our behaviour session knowing it was nothing our dog was doing wrong and armed with tools that will help us to prevent it from happening again, and more importantly that will help Juno (and her people) re-socialize to dogs once again and heal the mental wounds that stitches can’t heal. Best of all, my 5 yr old daughter is now making a special doggie journal just for her, to help her meet new dogs and get over her fears. Thank you so much To Bravo Dog Training for all of the helpful ideas, and lending us a kind ear while we told our painful story.

Danita B. – Renee has given us some great techniques to use with our fearful pup, they have definitely helped her improve in situations that scare her. Both her one on one sessions and classes we have found to be beneficial

Wendy & Rick S. – Piper is doing great! Our success in training Piper is in no small part due to your advice and assistance.    Thank YOU for what you do!

Amber L. – Renee has been a huge help in supporting my partner and I training our dog, Oreo. Renee gave us practical tips during our first session and we appreciated that we got down to business, practicing what she taught us right away. Renee has an amazing ability to help us frame Oreo’s behaviour as “enthusiastic” which has given us a new perspective and we now approach training with more patience. Since working with Renee we’ve noticed a decrease in Oreo’s problematic behaviours (namely on leash frustration/aggression) and we’ve also noticed a huge decrease in our own anxiety, as well. We highly recommend Renee!

Lindsay S.Renee is the (science based) voice of reason. Her training & knowledge comes from a “factual” based foundation. I love her dedication to positive based training techniques, that doesn’t involve me poking, yelling or man-handling my crazy big puppy. She’s also the positive support I was lacking as an often frustrated dog owner. She reminds me I’m not a failing dog mom, and that every step, as small as it may be, is progress.  She’ll give you the knowledge to be successful with your pup or adult dog; which is the most rewarding thing a dog trainer can give.

Jessica P. — We just finished Phin’s first training session with (Renee Erdman) Bravo Dog. I highly reccomend Renee, she is very skilled, kind, brilliant and practices humane training. She has an long history of training, animal rescuing and even worked with a vet at one point. Renee continues to keep her skills current by continuing her education- next week she is going to the UK to learn even more methodologies!

Vicki Q. — Oreo just graduated from his private training puppy sessions with Renee. Renee is very friendly and skilled. She never gives any stress to my dog during the teaching. We solved all the problems, like potty training, pulling leash, recall… changed Oreo’s bad behaviour. Also, Oreo knows how to sit, down, spin…We really had a good time to training together.

Alicia. — We started working with Bravo Dog about 6 weeks ago. Not only has Birdie made some great progress with her reactive behavior, I also feel a lot more confident when we are in situations where triggers are present. Renee has done a fantastic job at giving me the tools I need to deal with a very reactive dog. We are working towards a goal of reactive dog group classes! Something I never thought possible 6 weeks ago!

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