What We Do

Evidence-Based Training Principles Only

We abide by evidence-based training methods (science) vs theories and inaccurate pop culture television. We rely on peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate successful training methods without using pain, fear or intimidation.

Behaviour Change Process

Depending on what your challenges are we are often attempting to change emotional responses in animals from negative to positive. We often use counter conditioning and desensitization to do that and coach owners on how to effectively do so by using training plans.  Educating our clients on the proper use of these techniques in addition to how fear and aggression culminates, prevention and management and proper/improper use of equipment.  Our goal is for you to be self-sufficient so you can continue training with your dog with confidence.

Obedience/Manners Training

We use food rewards to motivate and teach behaviours reliably. Often times dogs are motivated by other things and we advise you use toys, play, praise etc once behaviours are solid. If they decline your answer will be that you will need to reward and motivate your dog with a different reinforcer.  Why we want to use rewards vs punishment.