Bravo Dog offers dog training in North Vancouver, puppy training, dog training classes and virtual consulting.

We are experienced, credentialed and BC SPCA Animal Kind Accredited.

Private Training

We can work together on everything ranging from jumping up to fear and reactivity. Puppy training? We do that too!

Group Classes

We offer Puppy Kindergarten for 9 15 weeks of age and our Manners & More classes. Small sized classes to . focus on results

Zoom Virtual Training

I don't need to "see" your dog misbehave or struggle in order to help. You may have questions about your new puppy! We can help.

Mission Statement

When I started Bravo Dog my sole goal was to help dogs and their owners. That hasn't changed much over the years. Working as a dog trainer in North Vancouver and Vancouver has not limited me to helping other people, in fact, people all over the world learn about dog behavior through our Podcast, our Virtual Training and Online courses.

I continue to further my own knowledge with continuing education and certifications and ensuring we adhere to the BC SPCA Animal Kind Standards.

Interesting dog facts...

#1 dog breed of 2019:

Labrador Retriever

#1 dog names of 2019:

Luna & Charlie

Most famous dog of all time:

Toto from the Wizard of Oz

Changing our dogs' behavior, means changing our own behavior.

Training should always benefit the human & the animal.

    review rating 5  Amazing! Renee is unbelievable! Every class or session we participate in, we come out light years ahead of where we started. With the tools and goals to keep moving forward. She is so patient and kind with the dogs and the humans. Watching how she works with the dogs is worth it’s weight in gold. I really can’t say enough amazing things about Bravo Dogs.

    thumb Bonnie H

    review rating 5  Reneé is amazing. She's patient, she's wise, she's smart and funny. Mostly though, she's passionate about what she does. She's an experienced trainer & behaviourist and a supportive partner when it comes to helping dogs and their people learn how to navigate their way through the world together. CANNOT.RECOMMEND.HIGHLY.ENOUGH!

    thumb Sara Getz

    review rating 5  It has been so wonderful to work with Renee. Her approach to our dog's behavioural issue is positive and we are so grateful. Previous trainers taught us to "correct with punishment" or "correct with No" A constant battle and negative experience for both of us. At the end of our leash we got lucky and found Renee as a trainer. Each lesson she has been able to relieve us of tension and stress and show us how positive markings can make a change. Our dogs issue is not an over night fix but we have learned good skills on how to be successful and turn this around. No more 'No's'. More "yes''. We have learned that a positive approach to training is essential to building love and trust . Thank you so much.

    thumb Karen Johnfraser

    review rating 5  We rescued our dog Ellie from the SPCA who is wonderful but jumps and barks at other dogs. We were recommended to see Renee by multiple sources and she quickly assessed Ellie as leash frustrated but friendly with dogs off leash. Renee listened to our concerns gave us baby steps where we needed baby steps and gave us leaps where we needed leaps based on her assessment of our dog, not just wrote training steps. She coached us through the techniques for helping our girl, gave us the tools and encouraging us to trust our dog. If we hadn’t of started working with Renee, Ellie would definitely still be on leash, not allowed near other dogs, without an end in sight. I honestly cried a few times before working with Renee as I was overwhelmed. We are both so thankful for her guidance, support and understanding of Ellies behaviors and her coaching of Ellie and most importantly of us too. When we finally let Ellie loose in a dog park (which went awesome) I immediately texted Renee at probably 6 oclock on a Saturday and Renee was probably as excited as us. We aren’t done with training yet but we have guidance and milestones to reach and will absolutely continue to use Renee to get us to where we would like to be.

    thumb Amber O'Regan