Managing Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a joyous… and stressful time of year. With multiple to-do lists, guests, parties and emptied wallets the last thing we can think of is how to prepare when it comes to our pets.

Depending on the age of your dog, and their energy level, here are some tips to keep the holidays running smoothly:


Planning ahead of time can take tremendous stress off your plate. Keeping your dog busy is always your best bet when having guests over or if they are constantly chewing at presents under the tree. A few ideas would be:

  • Keep some Kongs stuffed and ready to go in the fridge. Great recipe ideas via the Kong website.
  • Yak Milk chews are full of flavour and long lasting, we like local company Churpi Durka
  • Antlers, naturally shed. These are for hard-core chewers so not suitable for puppies.


Constantly getting after your dog for pawing at decorations or lifting their leg on the Christmas tree can be tiring. After all, our dogs are animals and often don’t know any better.

  • Gate off the Christmas Tree, take a look at the images to your right for ideas
  • Place decorations out of reach
  • Avoid giving your dog attention if he does get into something, remove the item and redirect your dog to something to keep him busy


It’s really important to continue with your regular routine when on holidays otherwise your dog may become restless (and destructive!). A bored dog is one that will seek things to chew and become rambunctious if they haven’t had their regular dose of exercise. Time a long walk to precede guests coming over!  Remember, your dog has needs and if you don’t fulfill them it will only cause havoc in the household.

Prevention and preparation are key!