Bravo Dog offers dog training in North Vancouver, puppy training, dog training classes and virtual consulting.

We are experienced, credentialed and BC SPCA Animal Kind Accredited.

Group Classes

We offer Puppy Kindergarten for 9 15 weeks of age and our Manners & More classes. Small sized classes to focus on results.

Virtual Training & Consults

I don't need to "see" your dog misbehave or struggle in order to help. You may have questions about your new puppy! We can help.

Our values & standards

When I started Bravo Dog my sole goal was to help dogs and their owners. That hasn't changed much over the years. Working as a dog trainer in North Vancouver and Vancouver has not limited me to helping other people, in fact, people all over the world learn about dog behavior through our Podcast, our Virtual Training and Online courses.

I continue to further my own knowledge with continuing education and certifications and ensuring we adhere to the BC SPCA Animal Kind Standards.

Interesting dog facts…

#1 dog breed of 2019:

Labrador Retriever

#1 dog names of 2019:

Luna & Charlie

Most famous dog of all time:

Toto from the Wizard of Oz

Changing our dogs' behavior, means changing our own behavior.

Training should always benefit the human & the animal.

    5 star review  Bravo Dogs is super speedy at getting back to me and asks great questions in order to figure out how to best help. She followed up and provided me great help in my area. Her training help fixed a serious problem we were having with our dog in less than a week. She was supportive and encouraging along the way, when I felt super discouraged and unsure the issue would resolve. We haven’t had an issue since. I highly recommend Bravo Dogs and our family will for sure consult with her in the future as we need to. I also highly suggest her Bravo Dogs podcast!

    thumb Kelly Sites

    5 star review  Renée is an incredible instructor and I can't recommend her enough! We took her puppy classes with our first puppy ever and can't wait for the manners classes in March. She's incredibly smart and patient (both with the dogs and owners). She never judges, listens patiently and provides helpful tips for any issues you bring up. It's clear to see how much she cares about dogs as our companions rather than just as pets. I wish we could have weekly classes with Renée forever!

    thumb Negar Amiri

    5 star review  Renée is a true professional! In a world of unregulated dog training, Renée is passionate about staying educated and up to date with current scientific studies and findings in dog psychology and behaviour training. We brought our 9 week old pup to her Kindergarten class and I highly recommend it. While most people think they know the basics of teaching commands like sit, down, wait, leave it etc, I found it super useful learning about the timing and marking of such commands, when to offer a treat, when to stop using a treat as a lure and appropriate body language etc. Renée is also great with teaching you how to watch puppies body language and regulate their play so it is consensual and positive for all dogs involved. We learned so much from that class and Renée was always willing to offer other advice specific to our puppy. We also did a follow up private session with her as our puppy started to show signs of resource guarding and body handling issues - he was extremely mouthy and would growl and bite us very hard. In one session Renée offered us a few different exercises to practise with some printable handouts that made it very clear and easy to follow. In just one week of diligent and consistent training it was like we had a different dog! We have continued to use the advice Renée has given us and kept up with regular training and we are so proud of our boy today. He is a 6 month old Husky X and we are constantly complimented on how well behaved he is - something I credit to Renée's philosophy and approach to dog training, one which I have adopted as my own. Dogs are our partners in life, not our servants. We owe it to them to respect their needs and tendencies with compassion and do the work necessary to helping them learn positive skills and reactions. 'Quick fixes' like prong collars or scaring them into compliance will not help in the long term. Long story short, Renée is great, go book a session with Bravo Dogs!

    thumb Jessica Jackson

    5 star review  So glad we were able to take our 8.5 month old Beagle to Renee's fantastic "Manners and more" class. Renee is incredibly knowledgeable, has a wonderful demeanor, and our puppy loved learning all of her new found skills! The small class sizes made for a great learning environment for our dog we really appreciated Renee's practical approach and easy to follow teaching style. We cannot wait to try more class offerings that Renee and the rest of Bravo Dog Training team have to offer. 5 Stars!

    thumb Scott Kellerman .