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Training Methods We Use

Overwhelming evidence, combined with my observations with clients over the years, confirms that using minimally invasive, positive-reinforcement based methods are not only the most effective, but they come with no fall-out. I consistently recommend using food and toys effectively to change associations, reduce reactivity and maintain a strong emotional bond with your dog. I may recommend you see your veterinarian or a veterinary behaviorist if your dog struggles from high levels of fear and/or anxiety.

Methods & Tools Not Recommended

Devices and techniques that cause anxiety, fear, distress, pain or injury, such as choke chains, prong, ecollars and shock collars, spray bottles, noise makers and citronella sprays. Methods such as alpha rolling and intimidation are not recommended. If you are currently using these methods or devices and you are open to change, let’s work together! I pride myself in using a non-judgemental and compassionate teaching approach for the humans too! It’s so important to find a dog behavior consultant that not only combines the use of science and evidence, but with years of experience as to why these approaches are not recommended.

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