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Can We Reinforce Fear? We are taught that touching, talking to our dogs, trying to soothe them and feel better will reward the behaviour. It’s not possible. Fear is an emotion, and your dog is not in a state of mind in which they are making a choice to react this way. In fact, it[...]
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Top 10 Behaviour Myths via Jean Donaldson

The dog training industry is rife with opinions and theories, very few of them are actually truth. Scientific evidence is something we should strive for when working with animals; outlandish fiction muddies the water for everyone. 1) Dogs are naturally pack animals with a clear social order. This one busts coming out of the gate[...]
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“Why Can’t My Dog Be Normal?”

Some days it can be a real challenge living with a reactive dog or one you find a challenge. They may pull on the leash like a freight train, bark at crows and try to attack them, or they may have more serious issues such as reactivity/fear towards people or other dogs, or guard items[...]
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