Covid-19 & Classes

  • 1 handler/person per dog in each class
  • Working places in class will be clearly marked to give the 6′ distance needed
  • Surfaces are disinfected before and between classes
  • If you may have been exposed or are not feeling well PLEASE stay home
  • For adult classes we will work outdoors when possible
  • We cannot offer refunds if you cancel or miss classes due to illness and have not cancelled 7 days prior to your start date
  • We do not offer make up classes

Group Classes

North Vancouver dog training classes to suit your needs. Small groups, big fun.

Puppy Kindergarten

  • 4 pups per class, under 16 weeks
  • Due to COVID-19 class is limited to one person and their puppy only
  • 1 online orientation, 4 x 60 minute in person classes, Project Puppy Membership
  • Price: $240 + gst

Puppy socialization done right saves lives. Prevention of fear (which causes aggression) is our goal. Yes, we teach sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, recall etc. but most importantly we give you the skills to raise a socially confident dog you enjoy sharing your life with.

We cannot offer make-up sessions, please see our cancellation policies.


May 9 @ 4pm *ONE SPOT LEFT*

May 9 @ 5:30pm

May 10 @ 6pm

If these dates don’t work for you, please find our waitlist HERE for future classes.

Manners & More

  • 3 dogs per class, older than 20 weeks
  • 4 weeks, 60 minute classes
  • Price: $240 + gst

Looking for a small group setting for some foundation dog training skills? We’ve got you. 3 dogs per class ensures instructor attention is maximized and customization of skills based on what you and your dog need.

Skills taught: marker training, sit, down, stay, leave it, drop it, wait, leash skills, targeting, go to your place, come when called (and more!).


April 29 @ 7:15pm

May 9 @ 6:45pm

May 10 @ 4:30pm *ONE SPOT LEFT*

May 10 @ 7:15pm *ONE SPOT LEFT*

If these dates don’t work for you, please find our waitlist HERE for future classes.


Your Teachers

Sandy has been certified by DogBiz as a force and fear free dog walker since 2016. She began assisting Bravo group classes in early 2020 under the guidance of Renee. Sandy is on track to graduate with a Diploma of Canine Behavior Science & Technology at CASI by May of 2021 and will be aiming to obtain her CPDT certification shortly after. Her philosophy and advocacy in bridging our lives with our dogs in a trusting manner includes meeting where the dogs are and not where we want them to be. Additionally, by viewing our relationship with dogs from a place of “look what I can do for the dog” and not “look what I can make my dog do”.

Sandy Wei


Carolina (she/her) is passionate about science-based and force-free dog training and handling. She is about to complete a Diploma of Canine Behaviour Science & Technology at CASI by the end of April 2021. She just completed and passed the exam of the Living & Learning with Animals with Dr. Susan Friedman. Carolina strongly believes that listening to what dogs wants and needs, keeping training fun and rewarding, and allowing dogs to have choices is the key to a happy and healthy dog. When not spending time on her education, Carolina can be found hiking and/or training her dog Avon Barksdale in Rally-O, Agility, Tricks, and Dock Diving.

Carolina Bergonzoni


What You’ll Need for Class

  1. Treat training pouch
  2. Harness for your dog. We like the 2-Hounds Freedom Harness Best and the Ruffwear Front Range Harness
  3. Treats. Soft, smelly treats work well and some of your dogs kibble IF they love it
  4. Solid leash, no retractables
  5. A mat/small bed for your dog

Equipment We Don’t Allow

We are pretty picky, for good reason.

We don’t allow:

  1. Martingale collars
  2. Prong or chain/choke collars
  3. Ecollars/Shock
  4. Retractable leashes