Consulting for Reactivity.

More effective than in-person!

Dog aggression doesn’t have to be faced alone. Let’s get the process started! I work conveniently via Zoom, you don’t have to leave you home and I efficiently train YOU to be your dogs trainer!

“We adopted a foreign rescue and luckily we were able to get an appointment with Renée fairly quickly because we were quite overwhelmed. I still consider many of the points Renée has raised in our sessions. Most of our sessions were virtual and it’s amazing what we accomplished through video. We now have a well adjusted rescue dog who enjoys her life, we understand her better and continue to see her adapting as she ages. We still celebrate all the small wins! Thanks Bravo Dog!”

Barbara Crystal

If you’re looking to work with a dog trainer or dog behavior specialist for dog aggression, reactivity, fear and/or concerning behaviour, we are happy to help! Since we have specialized education, training and experience… you are in good hands. All consultations are customized to your individual dog, your lifestyle and your goals.

International time zone? Don’t see a schedule option that works? Have an urgent emergency? Send me an email.

Option 1

$240 CDN + tax

  • 45 – 60 minutes zoom behaviour consultation
  • Includes written training plan, video reference and additional materials.

Option 2

*most popular

$440 CDN + tax

  • 45 – 60 minutes zoom behaviour consultation
  • 2 x 30 minute follow ups
  • Includes written training plan, video reference and additional materials.

Option 3

$130 CDN + tax

  • 30 minute follow-up (existing/previous clients)
Renée Erdman

Behavior Consultant

A specialist, recommended by vets & vet behaviourists

I’ve dedicated my life to specializing in dog reactivity and dog aggression, newly adopted dogs and preventative training. My passion for helping dogs suffering from fear and reactivity naturally extends to their guardians. My goal is to improve the quality of life for both dog and guardian, to teach concepts and skills that help them navigate the world together and to connect as a community to support one another. 

My reactive doggie and I have been working with Renée and it has been wonderful! It worked very well for us to work virtually from home as he is fearful of strangers and new environments. Renée gave us tools to use in his own space, which helped to get him to a place where we can begin introducing the training in other environments (ie vet visits, public places). We have made so much progress with body handling, leash reactivity, and marker training. Thank you Renée for all your help!


You’re one step closer to resolving reactivity.

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