Our Mission Statement:

  • to provide humane behaviour solutions through private and group training options
  • to educate dog guardians on evidence-based factual information that improves relationships & restores harmony
  • to complete transparency in the methods and equipment we use

Renée Erdman


Renée is a multi-credentialed behaviour consultant and trainer committed to helping her clients resolve dog behaviour issues while improving their welfare and relationship. She prides herself in using the most up to date methods that do not use fear, pain, “devices” or outdated approaches that have behavioural repercussions.

She holds certifications through the Academy for Dog Trainers, The IAABC, CASI and is BC SPCA Animal Kind Accredited. She sits on the Board of Directors at Whistler Animal Shelter and is on the Ethics committee with the IAABC.

Tess Morgan

trainer/behaviour consultant

Tess Morgan worked with dogs at the Toronto Humane Society, the BC SPCA and in veterinary clinics prior to earning her Certificate in Training and Counselling (CTC) from the Academy for Dog Trainers in 2020. She is also an IAABC Supporting Member. She enjoys helping families understand their dog’s behaviour and strengthen their bond with their dog while making training fun for all involved. Tess is committed to science-based, humane training methods and looks forward to continuing her learning in order to better serve dogs and the people who love them. When not training, Tess enjoys exploring beautiful B.C. with her two dogs, Lily and Alvin. 

Why us…

How to hire a dog trainer. It’s a daunting task. Bravo Dog credentials and certifications and credentials are listed here.

There are NO REGULATIONS for dog trainers. This means that you, and your dog are vulnerable when hiring a dog trainer.

Clients deserve honesty and transparency. This means I will make you aware of the tools we will and will not use and the methods we will or will not use. I will also disclose any possible side effects from using certain training methods.

We are BC SPCA Animal Kind Accredited, read more about the standards here. We will never use shock/e-collars, or any methods that cause intimidation, fear or force.

Credentials & Experience Matter.

We continually update our education throughout the calendar year to keep up with our certifications and most importantly to provide you with the most current behaviour science solutions possible.

Insured: for your safety and ours

Board Member and proud supporter of Whistler WAG Shelter