Gain the safety, skills & confidence to work with dogs through our Dog Walker Course.

There’s so much information out there, it’s confusing! That’s why after spending years as dog walkers, we’ve developed a dog walker course & certification that covers everything we think you need to know to work with dogs effectively. This is geared towards dog walkers but daycares and pet sitters will also greatly benefit from this course.

$499 CDN or 2 payments of $260

“I’m so glad I took the Dog Walker Course & Certification course with Bravo Dog. The course covered everything you need to know, and I found the training exercises especially valuable. All the topics covered were explored in great detail and a lot of additional useful resources were provided. It definitely helped me in terms of restructuring/improving some aspects of the services I offer, and I would recommend anyone thinking of or already providing dog-walking services to take the course and become more educated on how to safely care for the pups and how to better help the clients we work with!”

Jacqueline Wu,

Why take the Dog Walker Course & Certification?

On Demand

This course is strictly virtual and all learning modules, quizzes and testing is via the online platform led by your instructor on-demand… choose when to take the course! As you go through the course you’ll view video and demonstrations, have access to handouts and downloads and go through quizzes and a final exam.

Robust Learning Experience

Dog walking is more than just “walking dogs”. Understanding animal behavior, equipment, business logistics…. it’s a lot! We provide what you need to be the best dog walker you can be!

Expert Led Learning

This course was developed by TWO former professional dog walkers… that’s right! Both Renée and Sandy both had dog walking businesses before transitioning into dog training and behavior. Our experience led us to develop this course to give you the best possible education and business experience on your dog walking journey.

Exam + Written Test

The seal of approval via this course means you have a full understanding of skills, safety + science! You will be required to take a Pet First Aid Course, pass the quizzes and final exam before you are “Certified”. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it!

Created by Experts with over 25 years of experience.

Renée Erdman, Bravo Dog

With 15 years of combined experience working with animals, first as a dog walker herself and dog walking business owner. Renée then went back to school to become a behavior consultant and trainer and now focuses on reactivity and newly adopted dogs. She has appeared as an expert on many platforms and mentors other pet professionals via The Mentorship Collective.

Sandy Wei, Wei With Tails

Sandy owned and operated her dog walking business in Vancouver, BC and feels passionately that dog walkers are so much more than just “dog walkers”. They truly have the potential to impact the dogs lives they work withand are are a vital part of our communities. She now owns and operates her own dog training and behavior business in Penticton, BC.


The Three Learning Containers

Canine Behavior

Dog professionals with a full understanding of canine behavior science are ahead of the game.

The Dog Walks

Learn the ins and outs of walking dogs safely, effectively and with the right tools & equipment.

The Business

Learn the framework to set up your business successfully… because it’s more than just walking dogs!

Topics Covered in the Course…

  • learning theory
  • ethology 
  • body language
  • ethics
  • group vs private walks structure
  • appropriate walking equipment 
  • safe transportation
  • basic training
  • reactivity
  • reactivity
  • how to handle emergencies
  • how to run a small business
  • logistics
  • efficient client intake process
  • online booking options
  • terms and conditions/waivers
  • legalities 
  • marketing 

Self-paced, online and thorough.

How the course works

  1. Enrol
  2. Go through all the modules and quizzes
  3. Complete your quizzes + exam within 6 months
  4. Ensure you have PET CPR
  5. You’re now a Certified Bravo Dog Walker!

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