Renée is accepting a limited amount of in-person cases and often books 2-4 weeks in advance.

The Behavioural Health Recovery Package

All in -person sessions take place in North Vancouver

Your initial consultation is via Zoom

Not all applications can be accepted or accommodated

This program includes:

1 x Initial Behaviour Consultation (virtual)

Support materials & homework

3 x In-person sessions

Homework, support + video review


On leash reactivity

Human reactivity

Dogs that growl, snap, snarl and bite

Territorial reactivity

Resource guarding

Fear, anxiety, unhealthy behaviours

(not separation anxiety)

man hugging mastiff type dog

Who is this for?

  • Dog nerds who want to understand the intricacies impacting dog reactive behaviour
  • Committed individuals who value a credentialed + certified force-free professional guiding and teaching them
  • Those that understand that quick fixes don't exist
  • Individuals that are open to collaborating with veterinary professionals when deemed necessary

Traditional "obedience" training often isn't what reactive dogs need. It's a much deeper and multi-faceted issue that needs the right approach.

Behavioural health integrates all facets of the dogs' life.

Your dogs emotional health must be healed before their behaviour improves.

Do you work with puppies?

Absolutely. If you feel you need guidance, whether it's preventative care or you are struggling with something specific, you are welcome to book a consultation with me.

Do you work with separation anxiety?

No. I always recommend working with a certified separation anxiety specialist like:

What does a consultation look like?

Initially you will fill out a history form for me so that I can have an understanding of the challenges as well as the other facets of you and your dogs' life so that I can start to formulate a plan before we meet. Once we meet I likely will have some questions and then we will start to go over what you will be working on. I will also answer your questions. For your reference you will be sent a simplified plan, video demos and all concepts that we have discussed. I may recommend you see your veterinarian to rule out pain or underlying issues or see a veterinary behaviorist and often times we work together as a team.

I've worked with other trainers with little success

I am often working with clients that have unfortunately been led to believe that they need to use force, intimidation and tools for severe behavior issues. This causes damage. The dog training industry is not regulated and you are not protected as a consumer, nor is your pet. I don't make guarantees but if you haven't seen success we need to take an in depth look at the approach you were using and find out where things are going wrong.

Why are you so expensive?

I have invested a considerable amount of money and time into education and certifications to give you the most up-to-date behavior information possible. In addition to my 12 years of experience, I go above and beyond for my clients. You are not just paying for the time we spend during our consultation, you are receiving a customized plan and resources afterwards, reports are written for veterinarians and referrals are vetted for you when needed. A lot goes on behind the scenes!

Renee and Penelope

A specialist, recommended by vets & vet behaviourists

I've dedicated my life to specializing in dog reactivity and dog aggression, newly adopted dogs and preventative training. My passion for helping dogs suffering from fear and reactivity naturally extends to their guardians. My goal is to improve the quality of life for both dog and guardian, to teach concepts and skills that help them navigate the world together and to connect as a community to support one another. 

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Renée sits on the Board of the Whistler WAG Shelter

Booking Policies

  • Cancellations permitted up to 48 hours in advance.
  • Refunds: requested refunds for cancellations will result in a $50 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs.
  • Sessions expire after 2 months from start date

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