Exciting news!

A new, revamped Mentorship experience

is currently in the works!

Business & behaviour coaching from a seasoned pro.

With over 15 years in marketing & 12 years as a behaviour consultant, I'm happy to support other pet professionals. I teach you the frameworks you need for DIY marketing & how to fine-tune your behaviour consulting skills. There is much more to a business coaching than promises of "6 Figures". Most of the pet pros I work with want to decrease burnout, understand how to utilize email marketing and attract the "Unicorn Clients" they love to work with. I help you do that.

Renee and Penelope

"In a world crowded with advice and self-proclaimed gurus, Renée's authenticity shines through as a true mentor. She saw my potential from the get-go and even before we officially started working together, she engaged with me online, celebrating my accomplishments. Her mentorship is far from generic; it's personal and tailored to your unique journey."

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