Our Policies

Please note that services purchased do expire after 365 days

Upon registration payment must be made in full unless otherwise arranged with Bravo Dog. The registration form must be filled out including a full history of your dog as well as your contact information.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Group Classes

You must cancel within 7 business days before your class starts that you registered for for a refund. This gives us time to fill your space. Refunds are subject to a $20 service fee to cover payment processing fees.

Cancellations for Virtual Services

24 hours notice prior to appointment is required for all cancellations or your session is forfeited. Pre-paid sessions expire after 1 calendar year. Refunds are subject to a $20 service fee to cover payment processing fees.


For private training you may reschedule up to 2 times otherwise you forfeit the session.

Missed Classes

We can not offer make up sessions for classes. Students may miss 1 class out of the set, if you miss 2 classes you will forfeit the set.


Dogs that are sick or recovering from illness are not permitted to partake in class. If your dog is not neutered or spayed please disclose this as we may have to ensure they are safe during class or sessions. If your dog is in heat they may not attend classes or sessions. You may attend class without your dog in these cases and this is encouraged. Please ensure your dog is up to date on necessary vaccines or has had a recent titre.

Bite History

If your dog has a bite history they are not eligible for group classes. Private training would be your option. Please contact us if you have any questions. you must disclose this at time of registration.

Unsuitable Dogs for Classes

We do reserve the right, in the name of safety for everyone, to decide that group classes are not a fit for your dog if their behaviour is not healthy for them or productive for the environment. If this is the case, we will make arrangements for private training and apply a credit towards such from the initial payment made for the class.


Children under the age of 16 must be supervised by one adult who is NOT the main handler for the dog in class. Each dog must have a focused and dedicated handler that is not distracted. 1 child welcome to attend and must be able to remain seated for the duration of the class unless working with their dog. Children under 8 years of age are not permitted to attend classes.

Dogs in Class

All dogs must remain on leash at all times unless instructed otherwise. No dog-dog interaction on the premises unless permission has been granted, this is for the safety of students and dogs.

Acceptable equipment:

  • harness
  • solid leashes (no retractables)
  • flat buckle collars
  • head collars
  • muzzles

Unacceptable equipment:

  • prong collars
  • chain martingale collars
  • choke chain collars
  • shock collars
  • bark collars
  • citronella collars

Methods We Use

We use positive reinforcement based training methods and use food almost exclusively to motivate and reward dogs. We do not use “corrections”, leash jerks or punishment. If you have, or currently use these methods, we are happy to help you transition.

Client’s Rights

The client has the right to refuse any part of the functional assessment, training class and/or behaviour change program including any training exercises they feel are inappropriate. It is recommended that client openly communicates with the trainer/behaviour consultant, and the behaviour change or training program may be adjusted to reflect the client’s wishes. The client has the right to ask further questions and be clear on all relevant details before consenting to the consulting relationship.

Payment must be made during registration process in the form of credit card . NSF payments are subject to a $45 dollar fee. Refunds are subject to a $20 service fee to cover payment processing fees.

Photos & Video: We often take photos and video and may choose to post on social media.