Training clients all over the globe.

Behaviour Consultations

We use Zoom which is free of charge and user friendly. We provide you with the meeting link… simple!

Online dog training and virtual training to target those unwanted behaviours.

Note: We do not treat separation anxiety and recommend contacting who specialize

EMERGENCY CONSULTS: We do have an emergency booking fee of $50 and can schedule you within 48 hours. Email us.

  • 1 Session: 45 minutes
  • $240

Ideal for reactivity issues ranging from lunging and barking on leash towards dogs or people, fearful behaviour, resource guarding or serious issues you may be facing. We do not treat separation anxiety.

Each consultation includes follow up training plan, notes, videos and handouts.

Zoom Follow Up
(must have had consultation first & be with the same trainer you had your initial Zoom with )
  • 1 follow up, 30 minutes

Follow up session for any initial Consultation

Online Courses

Interested in learning more about canine behaviour? We're continuing to build our online offerings.

Benefits of Virtual Training


Access a professional, certified and experienced trainer no matter where you live, without leaving your home.

I work with clients all over the globe ranging from the United States, Europe and Asia.


We'll get straight down to business and make recommendations and coach you efficiently. You'll have access to our videos, handouts and more.