We’re Here to Help…

If you are tired of feeling frustrated, don’t know where to start and aren’t seeing results, let us help.

Whether you:
• have a new puppy
• want to take a group class
• want private in-home training
• your dog lacks basic manners
• facing  behaviour challenges… we can help

Preventative training

This type of dog training focuses on preventing behaviours BEFORE they start. We’ll provide your puppy with plenty of coping skills for the real world and ensure we reward and maintain the good behaviour your adult dog is already giving us to prevent naughty ones from occurring. Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Smaller class sizes

Smaller class sizes means more individual attention and our new location was chosen with this in mind. Puppy classes are limited to 5 students and their pups and adult dog training classes are limited to 4 students and their dogs.

Reach training goals together… and have fun!

Treats, play and real life rewards are motivating and make training and learning fun. This is the most effective and long lasting way to train your dog with no risks involved. Your dog will always trust you have their best intentions in mind and your dog will offer better behaviour more often. It works! Read more about why this training really makes sense.

Bravo Dog proudly sponsors the following groups by providing pro-bono training services:




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